Some of The Top Problems to Look Out for With Prop Shaft Components

Problems to Look Out for With Prop Shaft Components

Prop shafts are also known as drive shafts and are pivotal to connecting the transmission between the engine and a car’s wheels. Just like with any other component of a vehicle, prop shaft components are susceptible to wear and tear over time. At S.A.L.T. SA, we have many years’ experience in supplying these components to companies of all shapes and sizes.

Our many years’ experience has also fostered a greater awareness of problems arising in prop shaft components. Signs of gradual wear may occur over a longer time, but when you notice them, it may be too late. So let’s take a look at some of the common problems associated with these components, and how you can identify it before it turns into an emergency.

Damaged U-Joints

One of the first signs of trouble to be on the lookout for with prop shafts is shaking or vibrations of the vehicle. Vibration commonly happens when the vehicle is decelerating or accelerating. Even though the vehicle’s vibrating can simply be an issue with tyres, vibrations coming from the prop shaft are caused by many issues, including lack of lubrication on the U-joint.

Worn Out Prop Shaft

Worm prop shafts make driving more complicated and dangerous than it should be. This is especially true when attempting actions requiring precision. A common issue is having trouble when manoeuvring the vehicle, as sluggish reactions when completing a turn may be indicative of a damaged or worn out prop shaft.

Damaged U-Joint

In certain instances, the sounds produced by the car during deceleration and acceleration can be indicative of a defective prop shaft. Similar to vibrations, sound are also a sign of a damaged prop shaft. If you hear a low squeaking noise that becomes faster when accelerating and slower when decelerating, it’s likely that your car’s prop shaft’s U-joint is damaged.

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