Top Common Prop Shaft Problems

Prop shafts, better known as drive shafts are the most important part that connects the transmission between the engine differential and a car’s wheels. Just like other car components, they are also prone to wear from time to time. We have many years of experience in repairing and maintaining prop shafts and we know very well that glitches with prop shafts don’t just manifest overnight, but because of the characteristics of the shaft. Signs of wear surface gradually. It is important that when you see them, you seek specialist advice to correct the issue. In this article, we discuss 3 of the most common prop shaft problems.

U-Joints that are damaged
One of the first signs you will notice if there are issues with U-Joints is vibrations or shaking of the car. You will notice this even more when the car is accelerating or decelerating although a shaky car could mean there is a problem with the tyre. Vibrations from the prop shaft usually come from a lack of lubrication or as a result of worn U-Joints.

Worn prop shafts
Prop shaft issues can make it especially difficult to drive, especially when you are trying to attempt actions that require precision. A common result of this is when maneuvering the car. Sluggish reactions when completing such actions can be an indication that the prop shaft is damaged.

In extreme cases the sound the car makes during acceleration will be an indicator of a prop shaft defect. It is extremely important to make sure that you seek expert advice and assistance as soon as you notice any of these problems Contact us today and we’ll help you repair your car’s prop shafts in no time.