Things You Never Knew About the Universal Joint

The universal joint is a coupling responsible for connecting two rigid shafts. It allows the shafts to bend in any direction at the joint, and they are especially useful with shafts that transmit rotary motion. Let’s take a closer look at some things you may never have known about the universal joint.

Fact 1
Universal joints consist of a pair of hinges that are located closely together. It is usually oriented at 90-degrees from each other, and is connected by a cross shaft.

Fact 2
The term “universal joint” dates back to the 18th century but only grew in wider use over the following century. However, its principle and concept of operation has been employed in various industries as far back as the Middle Ages.

Fact 3
In an actual u-joint, the U shape of each rod is created by forking the end of each piece of metal. These pieces then connect to a disk which has round studs coming out at four equal points along its circumference.

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