Complete Driveshaft

compassThe history of the Cardan Shaft

In the 16th Century, Geronimo Cardano of Italy began work on a Universal Joint suspension system for compasses. His work in this area led to today’s commonly used term ‘Cardan Joint.’ Hundreds of years later, an Englishman named Hooke, utilised the Cardan principle to transmit ‘torque.’ When the Industrial Age arrived, the Cardan Joint soon found application in a comprehensive array of products. Today, the Universal Joint is still used in nearly all areas of machine and vehicle manufacturing. It has been found to be the most reliable drive component for connecting misaligned shafts and compensating parallel offsets.

Technical Information

  1. Light Vehicle Series
  2. Commercial Vehicle Series
  3. Off Highway
  4. Industrial
  5. PTO / Agricultural Shafts







Complete Industrial Shaft


PTO / Agricultural Shafts