Knowing When Your Car’s In Need of CV Joint Repair

All front-wheel drive cars feature CV joints on both ends of the drive shafts. A CV joint is packed with a special grease. It is sealed tight with the plastic or rubber boot, held in place with two clamps. Even though CV joints can last very long, it can become damaged should the protective CV joint boot become damaged.

One of the most common problems with CV joints is when the protective boot cracks or becomes damaged. Once this occurs, the grease leaks and moisture and dirt get in. This causes excessive wear to the CV joint, eventually failing due to lack of proper lubrication, as well as because of corrosion.

Signs to be on the lookout for that your vehicle is in need of CV joint repair include grease coming out of a small tear or crack of the CV joint. Should you continue driving with a damaged CV joint, the joint will ear out and eventually fail. A popping or clicking noise when turning is also a symptom of a badly worn out outer CV joint.

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