What is Involved in Manufacturing Driveshaft Parts?

What Goes Into Manufacturing Driveshaft Parts?

The driveshaft is tasked with transferring the torque produced by the engine to the rear axle in rear-wheel drive cars. It does this by mating the output shaft of the transmission to the differential at the rear axle. With four-wheel drive cars, a second driveshaft delivers torque to the front axle.

The best type of driveshaft parts is made using steel, but can also be manufactured using composite material, or aluminium shafting with weld yokes that have been welded on either end. Driveshafts may consist of a variety of universal joints. It all depends on the weld yoke, and the transfer case yoke, as well as the differential yoke.

A two-piece driveshaft makes use of a centre support bearing that is mounted on a frame crosspiece, in order to hold up the front half of the driveshaft. On this type of driveshaft, a slip yoke that goes to the transmission isn’t needed. This is a very rudimentary explanation on the manufacturing process of quality driveshaft parts.

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